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Pietrasanta, the epicenter of stone-carving in Italy due to its proximity to the famed marble quarries of Carrara, is a magnet for both artists and tourists. In 2009 to celebrate the magnificent new pier in Marina di Pietrasanta extending nearly a quarter of a mile into the Mediterranean Sea, the Municipality planned a special event. They asked the renowned Giorgio Angeli Studio di Scultura d’Arte and Workshop to select a single sculpture to symbolize the joining of earth, sea and sky at the entry point to the pier.

The selection of Flight by Charlie Kaplan was perfect. Carved from pure white Carrara marble, the sculpture soars 13 feet into the blue sky, pointing at the infinite yet firmly grounded on the earth where the stonewas found. Simple and elegant, it symbolizes both the sculptural art that Pietrasanta is noted for and the centuries of artisans skilled in stone carving that form the heart of the city.

After its auspicious beginning, Flight found a permanent home with a California collector, embedding itself in a private garden amidst the changing foliage. Kaplan was thrilled that Flight was installed for the summer of 2009 at the edge of the sea, later finding it’s permanent home amidst the flora and fauna of his native California. “I love the challenge of working on large scale stones” he says. “There is a special energy in public installations where the work is specifically chosen for the site, and can be viewed by a larger audience.”