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Contours, Long-Sharp Gallery

Contours, Long-Sharp Gallery

A Dialogue between the Artist and the Stone, Catalogue Essay by Sandra Kraskin


Curving like mountains or waves, Charlie Kaplan’s sculptures echo the organic forms of nature. His work appears monumental whether it’s massive like Soaring, which rises nine feet, or much smaller like Black Slice, which is only 28 inches high. The marble, Kaplan’s favored material, imparts a timeless quality to his sculptures. It also provides a natural color that adds a unique beauty and a specific identity to each piece. As Kaplan, himself, explains, “My ideas come from the stone.” Because he carves directly, without a sketch as a guide, Kaplan is responding to the individual characteristics of each piece of stone, almost like he would to a spoken command. The stone is speaking to him, and he is following its imperatives.

Charlie Kaplan, Soaring

Charlie Kaplan Sculpture Installed at Baruch College Library

Major new work added to the collection

Charlie Kaplan will be present for the installation ceremony of his 2018 sculpture, Soaring, at Baruch College, The City University of New York. The sculpture made of Bianco Puro Carrara marble will be placed at the entrance of Baruch College’s Newman Library for students, faculty and staff to share. In September 2018, Charlie Kaplan had his first New York institutional solo exhibition at Baruch College’s Mishkin Gallery. 

Visiting Artist

Visiting Artist

Noguchi Museum

January 2017

Noguchi wrote, “Stone itself is a symbol of the natural world and the sculptor’s engagement with stone is a metaphor for human existence.” Noguchi was fascinated with the historical and modern techniques of working with stone. Contemporary sculptor Charlie Kaplan leads this workshop, bringing his decades long experience as a stone carver. Participants will join Kaplan in the galleries, discussing Noguchi’s materials and processes, and then learn introductory hand carving techniques for creating their own stone sculptures in the studio.