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Marble and the Stonecutter: The Other Hand - Giorgio Angeli Sculpture Studio, Pietrasanta - Catalogues - Charlie Kaplan

Studio Angeli, located in Versilia, near the Carrara Marble quarries,  is perhaps the most prestigious contemporary stonecutting studio in Europe. Established in the 1970’s, the studio, led by Giorgio Angeli, has worked with many well-known international artists including Isamu Noguchi, Gonzalo Fonseca, Kan Yasuda, Beverly Pepper, and Gio Pomodoro to name just a few. Sculptor Charlie Kaplan has also been fortunate to work with them for the past fifteen years, and is included in this beautiful book with an image of his monumental work Flight as well as other mentions.

Much like Giorgio Angeli, Charlie Kaplan embraced the dreams and fantasies of marble: attraction and trepidation, fascination and fear, willing and eager to rise to that challenge.  Charlie has described his passion for stone many times -- he  touched the material and the material touched him.

Chronicling the past five decades of Studio Angeli’s evolution, the author focuses on the heritage of skillful craftsmanship built over generations, and the intimate collaboration between artist and artisan necessary at this high level of artistic vision.