Finding inspiration within his chosen material, Charlie Kaplan works primarily with marble, carving and shaping each piece into lyrical works that capture the sensual, tactile quality found innately within the stone. Charlie’s path to sculpture began with his interest in the elegance and practicality of old hand tools, creating his first work out of an old piece of abandoned Douglas fir with a set of newly purchased chisels. The experience was life-changing; he began taking courses to better understand and then master the carving skills necessary to manifest his vision.

Since retiring from the family business in 2006, Charlie has devoted himself full time to making sculpture, merging his passion with many years of training and highly developed skills to create abstract forms that are expressive, beautiful and, importantly, “listen to the stone.” For many years he has placed work in private collections in the U.S. and in Pietrasanta, Italy, where he has spent time each summer since 1995 selecting and working stone. Eight years ago Charlie began exhibiting his work in galleries and public spaces to enthusiastic response, including placement of a large-scale work on the main pier in Pietrasanta, Italy.